Intakes & Training Program

Intakes & Training Program

Intake and Registration

Every member is obliged to undergo an intake before training is allowed. Only after your intake, access to the fitness will be granted to you(r) badge). Please take in mind that after your intake it can take up to three working days before your access request is processed by security (official process agreement) or possibly longer. Your ability to book ‘Training Program’ or ‘Fitness Reservation’ in HFC does not mean you have access. Only book these for a minimum of three days after your intake.

Why do I need to attend an intake session?

In any fitness journey, wellbeing and injury prevention are essential. The gyms will introduce a new “Five” concept and smart training equipment, and during the intake sessions, you will be shown how to use this equipment in order to prevent injuries. The intake includes a quick health check to record your baseline, an initial discussion of your fitness goals and an explanation of the equipment. These one-hour sessions will also give you a chance to meet the trainers who can help you start your journey on the right foot.