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Our online classes are part of our TogetherFIT programme; offering a wide range of workouts

Online classes

TogetherFit is High Five’s own workout concept created by an international team of experienced fitness coaches, experts and human movement scientists. 

The programs empower and support people to make their daily lives more balanced by adopting a healthier lifestyle.

TogetherFit offers you a wide range of online group classes, divided into five categories: Health & Core, Cardio, Strength, Power & Fun, Mind & Body, making it easy and convenient to find the best suitable training. All classes are challenging, yet fun and adapted to all fitness levels and ages.

The online Togetherfit group classes


This course combines different breathing and relaxation techniques (autogenic training, progressive muscle relaxation, meditation) to calm the nervous system, re-establish balance and positively impact your muscular, neural, organic and respiratory system as well as boost your metabolism for a healthier life.


Every Yoga class starts with an introduction to basic yoga and breathing techniques, explaining and putting into practice asanas (yoga poses) and will steadily guide you to advanced poses and practices. Not only will you enjoy this class for its benefits of improving flexibility, mobility and posture, but also for its capacity to decrease stress and remove tension.


Callanetics is a workout designed to increase endurance and muscle tone by isolating individual muscles while working from a precise body alignment. The focus on deep core muscles while executing frequent and high numbers of pulses, will make you stronger, healthier and change the shape of your body.

Mobility & Stretch

Mobility & Stretch focuses on improving posture and making everyday movements easier. By optimizing the quality of the body’s soft tissue, increasing mobility and flexibility, moving becomes effortless and pain free.

Fit in a Suit

This low intensity class is a great active break away from a screen, which can be done in any attire, from a desk, at home or in a gym. The main objective is to create a healthy, strong and natural posture.

Chair Fitness

Chair fitness can be performed in an office environment, requires no workout attire and is ideal for people with little time for working out. This low intensity class focuses on posture and is a great active break which easily fits into any busy schedule.

Strong Back

Strong Back is dedicated to the upper body, the back in particular, using both body weight and small workout equipment. Strong and healthy back muscles are essential for good and upright posture and are necessary to increase performance in any other sports.

Senior Fit

Senior Fit is a tailor-made class for senior people dedicated to active ageing and who want to generally stay fit. The class equally includes exercises for strength, endurance and flexibility to maintain and improve resilience, coordination and agility and is suitable for everyone.

Core Fit

Core Fit increases endurance and muscle strength of the centre of the body, responsible for stabilizing the spine, preventing back pain and providing a solid foundation for all other sports and classes. This workout allows the body to keep the spine and pelvis strong and healthy, a necessity for daily and sports life alike.


Pilates is a gentle and effective way to tone the body, build strong core and back muscles, prevent injuries, gain flexibility and disconnect from stress. Every exercise is consciously executed following the Pilates principles whilst focusing on the deep core muscles, referred to as 'powerhouse'. Controlled mindful movements reconnect the mind and the body and help participants disconnect from daily stress and preoccupations.

Indoor Cycling

Cycling classes follow a set structure, including a warm-up, steady tempo cadences, sprints, uphill and downhill sequences and a cool-down. The main benefits created through the intervals include fat burning, strengthening of the lower and the upper body and the increase of cardiovascular fitness. Hop on the bike and let’s pedal together!

Cardio Circuit

Cardio circuit uses different types of equipment and workout stations to provide an effective 30-45 minute workout mixing diverse full body exercises.

Aerobics Low Impact

Low impact aerobics is a soft and efficient class following a choreography. It focuses on increasing cardiovascular capacity while keeping the impact on muscles and joints low.

Aerobics High Impact

High impact aerobics targets the increase of cardiovascular capacity through high impact exercises such as jumping, running or jolting, following a fun and effective choreography.

Shape & Tone

Shape & tone focuses on shaping the butt, legs and core by using different equipment as well as body weight to perform basic exercises designed to improve overall fitness and strength.


In this class you will hit the dance floor following an energizing choreography to trending music and increase cardio fitness as well as coordination. The main objective is to have fun and move to fun beats in a group setting. Previous experience recommended.


This classic legs, bums and tums class is designed to shape, tone and strengthen the lower body and includes fun and effective exercises for the butt, legs and abs.

Strength Circuit

Strength Circuit is a resistance training using different workout stations and kinds of equipment. It targets the increase of strength and endurance and effectively combines lower and upper body exercises.


This fun and challenging workout follows a structured routine, combining elements of strength, power, maximum strength, aerobics and high intensity intervals to obtain a lean and strong body. A short and challenging workout in only 45 minutes.


High intensity interval training (HIIT) combines elements of strength, explosive power and high intensity intervals, guaranteeing the ultimate result of burning calories, reducing body fat and creating athletes. This class will push you beyond your limits, surpass your goals and take you to the next fitness level.

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