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Does my membership end after one month?

No, your membership is monthly auto-renewed. If you want to cancel your membership send an email to: fitnessepothehague@highfive.fit

Do I need to sign up if I only want to use the free services, such as gym and the online classes?

Yes, you have to sign up in order to use the High-Five Connect app which will allow you to join the online-classes and all the fitness services.

How do I register?

  1. Visit your local High Five Website (use the location links on the main page)
  2. Hit "Join now" and fill in the form
  3. You'll receive an automated email confirmation of your registration
  4. Your location manager will contact you to confirm your membership
  5. Use the link provided in the automated email to create an account and a password
  6. Download the High Five Connect App (or use its desktop version) and sign in using your login credentials (click here for the HFC desktop app)
  7. You're ready to book the mandatory intake session now.

How can I arrange access for my family members?

Family members can use the gym facilities for €120,- per year. After registering, High Five takes care of the membership. The family card for access however should be requested by the staff member with SERVICELINE.

How do I book via the website?

  • Visit or epothehague.virtuagym.com/;
  • Click ‘Schedule’ on the left bar;
  • Select the section ‘Intakes & Training Program’ on top to find ‘Intakes and Registration and ‘Training Program slots that can be booked.
  • By selecting an ‘Activity’ you could choose to have only one of the two types of appointments displayed;
  • Select the ‘Fitness Reservation if you’re looking for your spot to train by yourself; Only do so if you have had an intake before;
  • Select ‘Online Group Classes to find everything that is offered online.

How do I book via the app?

  • On the homepage click ‘Club Schedule’ to see all the slots that can be booked;
  • Looking for one specific activity? Click ‘All activities’ to select what you’re looking for and click ‘Show results’;
  • Click on a slot you want to book and then click ‘Join’.

What if I like to train for example from 09.30 to 10.30?

Please make two bookings. Book for 09.00 to 10.00 & book 10.00 to 11.00 as well. This way we can be sure there are never too many members in the gym at any given moment.

How do I book/join an online class?

Firstly, you need to install the Microsoft Teams App on the device on which you will join the class. Via the app, click on “Club schedule” and filter via 'All schedules' on 'Online Group Classes'. Then scroll trhough the days to find a class that fits your agenda. Via the website, click on 'Schedule' and select 'Online Group Classes'. Pick a class you like and click 'Join' in the app or 'Book now' on the website.

You will then receive a confirmation via email. On the day, visit the app or site again and hit join to participate in the class.

The app shows for my location EPO Munich HQ but I am working at another site?

The app does not allow to give more than one location.
The correct location of the gym can be found on the website for your EPO site : epothehague.highfive.fit